Builders look busy& Lots of new faces in Rossland

Happy to report some building activity here in Rossland, just next door to me at Evergreen Ridge 3 more homes are in various stages of construction. There is a fantastic modern duplex under way on St. Paul, at least three more homes being built at Redstone Resort, a custom log home on Kirkup and another custom home in the Iron Colt subdivision. There are a number of other properties undergoing extensive renovation as well. I don't know where all the new faces are from, but I think I know why. Probably the same reason most of us are here in the West Kootenay.All this building, new faces and new babies can only mean one thing... Confidence. It's high time that optimism replaced pessimism, world news can bring you down, you just have to look around here and smile to yourself. 

Bill Craig

Bill Craig

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