Buyers Market !

...and so it should be. It is not a sit on the fence , drag your feet, wait till I think it has bottomed ( 'cause you'll miss it) market. So what should a Buyer do? How about buy!  Funny isn't it, that during a Sellers Market, the Buyers are tripping over each other in a race to buy. A tough time to buy value, prices climbing by the week. So what is stopping buyers today? Fear of paying too much? A belief that the prices will drop further? Sure the inventory may be increasing in your area and you believe that you can time the bottom and buy then. It does not happen that way for most of us, by the time we can define the bottom moment we are already past it and climbing again. Perfect timing is pretty much very good luck in my opinion.

If you are wanting to buy and find yourself stalling and being indecisive, stop, relax and refocus. What is important to you about buying a home right now? People buy and sell everyday , some are downsizing, some are about to outgrow their current home, some have calculated that they can afford to own and want to stop paying rent. Each person has their own motivation, it is what is important to you that matters. Go back and find that reason. Are you able and waiting? Or able and Willing? Once you are sure, your biggest choice has been made,  finding the home that fits is just a step away.

Sellers can benefit from this market too....

Bill Craig

Bill Craig

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