Flat roofs in the snow belt

How much snow falls here in Rossland? What do you want ? Feet or Meters? To be honest  all I can say is lot's and lots. Sometimes it's up to your knees overnight and sometimes it's up to your hips. Then it freezes, then it thaws (and it gets heavy) and you start to freak. OMG! can my roof handle it? No worries, my roof sheds. Great! it lands on the garden (or the walkway or the driveway or the deck) so I'll just bust my butt shovelling this stuff out of the way. Maybe I'll wait till spring when it's packed like cement, then I can spend a  few nice afternoons busting up the (now ice) and spreading it like manure so I can finally get to the garden.  OR....   I  find a home with a roof that is designed to hold it. What a great idea! Leave it on the roof, let it melt and drain off. How much work is that? I don't know what you like to do with your spare time , but me, I would rather not spend it shovelling my roof or dealing with the pile on my walkway. Do not be concerned about properly designed flat or low pitch roof properties in this neck of the woods, people have built like this for over 120 years. I wonder if it's because they did not have a snowblower, or maybe so they wouldn't need one. Either way someone was thinking about what they would rather do in their spare time.


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