A Funny Thing Happened on the way to a Sale


I have been selling Real Estate and training Realtors for over 20 years. That gives me some advantages and some disadvantages. Of course the 20 years experience is an advantage but it's also a disadvantage. Sometimes we get stuck in a box and don't look outside. Although I try and stay on top of the cutting edge sales and marketing technologies, it can be difficult at times.  As a realtor I have seen lots of new marketing and sales ideas come forward and very seldom do they ever work. So we usually default back to the basics. The MLS system and the sign are statistically still the strongest marketing tools available. The internet has simply made the MLS system more effective. Truthfully, if a listing is on the MLS, and it has a sign, and it is on Realtor.ca, and an independent website then, if the listing is not selling it is overpriced... period.  However, allow me to tell a story of how we stumbled onto something. Four Season's Motorsports is one of our listings in Vernon. This is a motorcycle shop on 25 Ave.  in the Okanagan Landing area. Suddenly we started to receive a ton of traffic and inquiries for this listing; more than any of our other listings. It turns out that the seller, Sebine Beck was listing her business on a number of independent sites. We looked in to this and have now changed our marketing standards because of it. What we have found, actually what Sebine has taught us,  is that in today's real estate market it takes more than just a web page, even a good a good web page that is well optimized to create extensive traffic on the internet. It requires an entire internet strategy. This consists of numerous websites and something called social networking. We now have 2 full time Internet marketers that are also licensed realtors that handle our internet marketing. When we take a listing it goes on to over 200 syndicated sites relating to Real Estate. Then it automatically feeds to an additional 6000 sites belonging to every Century 21 salesperson across Canada. Then our two marketing people talk and discuss the listing on various different sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Craig's list just to name a few. You wonder what this could do to make a difference. It's all about creating buzz for the search engines. The search engines search incessantly for buzz on the net. We have dramatically increased the traffic on the net for our listings. However, one rule in our business has not changed and probably never will. All the best marketing in the world never sold an overpriced listing.

Bill Hubbard

Broker/owner of Century 21 Executives Realty Ltd.



Bill Hubbard

Bill Hubbard

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