Buyer Feedback, Today's Rules or Yesterday's Tactics

This is the title of a Real estate article printed in the March 2012 issue of REM magazine by Ronn James. I am sure that Ronn James is a good Realtor and a well intentioned guy. However, I view his stance on this as a little bit of laziness and selfishness. Yes we can all make a case for  respecting the feduciary duties of our buyers and therefore get out of the annoying task of providing feedback from our showings to the sellers of other Realtors who we have no agency or allegence to. But really, how relevant is that. If our buyers have no interest in a house they saw how can we possibly diminish their position by telling the seller that our buyers did not like the fact that the house is a corner lot, or that it is overpriced or that they need to upgrade in the price range they are in, or that we thought it was well priced but it just wasn't for our buyers. This is valuable information for the seller and the seller's Realtor. We all know that often a listing is an educational process to teach our sellers the reality about their home.  I would propose to Mr. James with all due respect that he input a little logic into his decisions about feedback instead of applying a blanket rule as he has. If his buyers have any interest in a house I agree that disclosure of their thoughts about the house should be withheld. However, the strength of our entire business is dependant on all of us working together to supply service and expertise to our buyers and sellers. If we continue to diminish the level of service and expertise in our business under the guise of following the rules, or worst, we are just too lazyy to do it,  we will no longer have a business to worry about. 

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