Did You Know That Realtors And Sellers Are Bound By Law To Disclose Material Latent Defects?

This is one of the many areas that gets people who are trying to sell their homes themselves into trouble. They must disclose all material latent defects. What is a material latent defect? It is a defect that cannot be detected by a reasonable inspection of the property. Examples would be water problems, insect problems drainage problems and well or septic problems. One of the most problematic Latent defects is a "Grow Op" . If the home was used at any time for growing or manufacturing illegal drugs this defect has to be disclosed forever. Even after all the evidence of the "grow op" has been removed it still must be disclosed by law. The purpose of this harshness under the law is to discourage landlords from looking the other way when a "grow op" is in one of their rental houses. Another one of the many reasons to use a Realtor when it is time to buy or sell a home. 

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