Did you know that there are more problems created with the sale of Manufactured homes than any other property type.

I am pretty sure that I will get some complaints with that statement but it's true. There is nothing wrong with buying or selling a manufactured or mobile home as long as it is done right. From here on in we will call it a MOB for short. The problem is that they are not like a regular house. They are built in a factory. That means that the electrical work has to be inspected in the factory. It comes with a CSA(Canadian Safety Association) sticker on it. The sticker is valid as long as nothing electrical gets changed. In essence if someone changes a light fixture or anything that is connected to electrical system then they have to get a permit for that change. If a permit was not taken out for a change then it has to be reinspected and either a permit or a silver label has to be installed in order to sell the unit. That's correct the unit cannot be sold if it does not comply with the CSA standard. This is one of the 2 areas that realtors cannot cover off the problem with a condition on the sales contract. The seller cannot sell the MOB and the Realtors cannot list it unless it has the proper electrical inspections. This means that if the furnace or water heater was changed, a porch was added with a light, an addition was added, a shed was added with power to it then there either needs to be a permit or it needs to be reinspected in order for it to be sold. As I said, this requirement  creates more fines and problems in our business than any other. The best way to avoid problems is to make sure that your Realtor has the best training in the business and knows about the details....enter me and Century 21. 

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