Did you know that underground oil tanks are one of the worst defects for a property?

The problem is not actually the tank. The problem ocurrs if the tank leaks or has leaked in the past. The other problem is that the tank is buried and not easily detectable. Sometimes the sellers bought the house after an alternative heat source was installed and they don't know the tank is there. For a professional looking for the right thing there are signs and they can be detected. The problems can be costly remediation of the soil on your property and/or your neighbour's property, contamination of well water, fire hazards and decreased value of your property. Underground oil tanks are not that common any longer. They are primarily in remote areas. However, this is one of many reasons why it pays to use a REALTOR and a certified home inspector. Buying a home can be the safe, wonderful experience it is suppossed to be if people use professionals to cover the old adage ...."I don't know what I don't know"

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