Did you know what dark lines on a wall or ceiling mean?

Have you ever seen a house with symmetrical grey lines on the walls or ceilings? This is common in older houses and colder climates and is called "Ghosting". It is created where there is a large difference in the insulation "R" factor between 2 contrasting areas.The un-insulated area forms condensation which dust settles on to make a strange grey line on the ceiling or wall. For example, above a ceiling of an old house where the insulation does not cover the ceiling joists or trusses this allows cold to come through the wood. This creates condensation on the Gyproc or plaster on the ceiling in a line that follows the wood. Dust then settles on the moisture creating a grey line. This will also sometimes indicate if a newer home is poorly insulated. How do you fix it? First you have to re-insulate to fix the cause. Then simply paint it.  

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