Do you really need a Realtor?

This is a question that is on a lot of people's minds these days. Rarely does a day go by that it does not come into my radar. There are companies in the North Okanagan that will list your house for $50 and others that will do it for a larger upfront fee and supply some additional services. There are companies that use the MLS System and some that don't. There are 3 companies in the North Okanagan that are memebrs of our board and offer lower commissions that other companies.  The fact is that there is a small percentage in the population who base their buying decisions solely on price.  They make up about 10-15 % of the population. There needs to be a business model to look after people that only want to look at price.  Real Estate is a vey complicated venture. It is much more complicated today than it was 25 years ago. This makes a REALTOR's job tougher but from a business perspective it also creates value that we can bring to our client's table.  If selling your home or buying a home was simple with no risk people wouldn't need us. Therefore, the complexities and inherent risks that the government and legal entities have put on the Real Estate business in the last 20 years is a very valid reason to use a "Full Service REALTOR".  Realtors are highly trained and have mandatory training and education  to stay up on the complexities of the Real Estate world. The list of things that can go worng in a transaction is endless. I remember a friend of mine calling me once and she had accepted an offer directly from a buyer with no REALTOR involved. She started out by telling me how much money she had saved. However, she said she had not heard from her buyers in 3 months. I asked her to send over the contract and I would have a look at it. There was a clause on the contract that stated, "Subject to the sale of the buyer's home". She asked me how long the buyer's had to sell their home. I said forever. There was no date on the condition so the buyers had no deadline to fulfill the condition. There were legal rules of expectations that she fell back on and I helped her get our of that contract  but it took almost a year to do it. She certainly wasn't focusing on the money she saved after that experience. Eventually our company listed her home and sold it and she claims she would never try that again. Any Realtor worth anything would not have made that mistake. And if he or she had made that mistake we have insurance to cover something like that. Using a good "Full Service Realtor " is simply convenient and a sense of comfort when everything goes perfectly. They are worth their weight in gold when things don't go perfectly.The old adage of "You get what you pay for" is relevant in all aspects of life. (Click Here) to read a local lawyer's view on the same topic.

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