Finally Cash Flow Real Estate Available for Purchase in the Okanagan Shuswap

Buying investment properties based on the idea that the market will increase is a risky venture at best.You are counting on the market to rise for your return on investment. Not only does it have to rise but it has to rise at a rate that covers your costs and in the end supplies you with some kind profit. Over the long term Real estate has been shown to do that better than every other investment. However, in some cases "over the long term" is a very long term. It is a much safer and smarter investment to consider not only value appreciation but also cash flow. That has been extremely difficult to do in the residential investment market in the Okanagan, Shuswap for many years. In the boom of 2004 to 2008 residential prices rose so dramatically and rents lagged so far behind that it has been very difficult if not impossible to buy a residential investment property that would actually have positive cash flow after debt servicing and show a profit; until now. After all if you are going to put 20% down on an investment property you would want a return on your cash investment wouldn't you? It has taken a while for sellers to realize that we are in a very different market with very different prices but it seems we are there. There are good solid investments in the Central Okanagan, the North Okanagan and the Shuswap that will show positive cash flow after all expenses and debt servicing; not a lot of them but some.  The fact that the market is starting to recovery and prices will begin to rise again is a bonus. There is an old saying that still remains true today when considering investing in Real Estate ....Cash is King.

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