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It always irks me when I hear people talk about the reputation of Realtors in a negative light. The Reason is I know that that opinion comes from the complaints we get from the public. I also know from being in this business for over 20 years and being a broker that almost all of those complaints come from one of two things. First, the customer went after a specific house and did not get the house. Either they did not move fast enough or they went into competition with another buyer and did not get the house and they find some way to blame the Realtor for this. And second, the seller and/or buyer have misrepresented something and they think the Realtor should be responsible for it. For instance, I had a buyer call me complaining that one of our Realtors had sold them a house and the basement leaks. The seller had signed a disclosure statement that stated it did not leak and since it was leaking a lot with just a little rainfall it was clearly a lie. The buyer wanted us to fix it. I was amazed that this buyer really had no anger directed towards the seller. His anger was directed towards us and the Realtor and he threatened to sue. In our business we have no choice but to believe the written statements of our customers. We try to encourage people to get a home inspection done. In this case the buyer said he was in construction and didn’t need one. Our Realtor did everything by the book and still ended up losing a good client and having someone out there saying he was a dishonest or “Bad” Realtor. I have found that there are very few Realtors that are not honest and act with an extremely high level of integrity. Our business is extremely tightly policed and we follow a very strict code of ethics with substantial recourse if we do not follow it. It’s interesting to me that many times the reputations of Realtors is that of dishonest but over the last 20+ years buyers and sellers have lied to us and each other way more often than Realtors have lied to them. I am incredibly proud to be associated with the people in my office and with my fellow Realtors in the Okanagan Valley. Our competitors are fine upstanding people and I am proud to be associated with them.

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Bill Hubbard
Broker, Owner of Century 21 Offices in the Okanagan.
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Bill Hubbard

Bill Hubbard

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