Why use Social Media to market your Okanagan Real Estate ?

I remember when Social Media came in. My response was, "What a bunch of Bunk". Why in the world would anyone care what I had for breakfast or where I ate lunch or what I was doing in a day. As it turns out I was wrong. Not about people caring what I had for breakfast or lunch; I still don't believe that. But people seem to look at Social Media as something that is more than just sending messages back and forth on a computer. It seems to have taken on a completely original culture. It is truly socializing. It is having multiple conversations with people at the same time that stretch over hours and sometimes days. And today no Real Estate agent that is worth their salt should even consider ignoring it. We as Realtors know that this business is all about people. We can meet clients at parties, business events, family reunions, or having a beer in the bar on Friday after work. Social Media is like all these interactions on steroids and all going on at the same time.  Did you know there are more iPhones sold in a day than there are babies born in a day. 1 out of every 5 minutes spent on the web is in social media and 82% of the 1.5 billion internet users of the world are on Social Media.  Social Media is now the #1 online activity. I may have taken my sweet time to really grasp this concept but I am here now. Our company serves the Real Estate Market in the Okanagan Valley and the Shuswap in Vernon British Columbia and we embrace Social Media as our main advertising tool. Our clients are realizing this more and more every day. It is setting us apart from our competition and we are going to continue to lead the pack. Below are some statistics that will astound you.

Twitter Stats

  • 500 Million accounts
  • 40+ Billion tweets
  • 175 Million tweets a day
  • 70% of companies ignore complaints on twitter
  • 909 employees
  • 11 new accounts created every second, over 1 million new per day.

Facebook Stats

  • 850+ million members
  • 31% check in once a day
  • Avg of 20 min per day
  • 2.7 billion likes per day
  • 100 billion connections
  • 20 million apps installed daily
  • 250 million photos daily
  • 425 million access via mobile

Pinterest Stats

  • 10.4 Million users, faster growth than any site – ever.
  • Retaining and engaging 3x better than twitter “was”
  • 80% of users are women, 60% have attended college, 50% have kids
  • Demographics:
  • 18-24 years (17%)
  • 25-34 years (30%)
  • 35-44 years (25%)

Google+ Stats

  • 90+ million users
  • g+ button is served 5 billion times a day
  • g+ users:
  • 44% of users are single
  • 29% female / 71% male
  • 20% are students
  • Avg of 6 minutes on site

YouTube Stats:

  • 4 billion videos viewed, every day, 1 trillion is 2011
  • 24 hours of video uploaded, every 24 seconds
  • 2.9 billion hours a month on the site, 326,294 years
  • 800 million users per month
  • Auto speech recognition tech translates video and captions into 43 languages

Google Stats:

  • 3+ billion searches daily
  • 124 languages
  • 20% of searches are local

SlideShare Stats:

  • Largest social “content” network
  • 60 million visits a month
  • 400,000 new presentations uploaded per month
  • Top 200 web sites
  • 110,000 “recruiting” documents
  • LinkedIn acquired SlideShare last week

LinkedIn Stats:

  • 161 million members
  • 2 million company pages
  • 4.2 billion searches in 2011
  • 22% of traffic from mobile (last week of March)
  • More than 1 million groups
  • 35% of students search for jobs on LI, 700% increase since 2010

Mobile Stats:

  • 5.9 Billion subscribers
  • 8 Trillion SMS messages sent in 2011
  • 11+ Billion apps downloaded, 1 in 4 never used again
  • The number of mobile searches quadrupled in the last year
  • 8.49% of global web site hits come from mobile

Foursquare Stats

  • 23 million users
  • 2 billion check-ins
  • Users and check-ins have doubled in 6 months


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