Get Ready To Move!

The end of June is one of the more popular times of the year for moving, with many homeowners and renters waiting until the school year is over or for their summer vacation to begin to move into their new abode.

Are you one of the lucky movers?

If so, or if you have been enlisted to help a friend of family member move, check out these useful tips to help make the move go as smoothly as possible;

  • Donate, sell and generally clear out unused furniture and clothing before you move.
  • Use towels, blankets, pillows and even clothing as padding between dinnerware and other breakables to save the need for bubble wrap or foam peanuts. Socks work great for glasses and stemware.
  • Colour-code each room of the new home and use a corresponding marker to identify where each box goes as you pack. Post a simple, colour-coded floor plan of the home inside the door(s) on move-in day so your helpers will know where things go.
  • Pack a bag as though you are going on a one day vacation – with all the essentials in it – just in case.
  • Don't overload the pack mules. Keep boxes light so your helpers don't have to strain too much.
  • Keep important documents and jewelry with you during the move.
  • If employing movers, record a video of your home before it is packed up and double-check inventory lists carefully before signing off.
  • Have plenty of cold water and other non-alcoholic beverages available during the move. Save the beer for after the move, or those boxes marked for the red room will wind up in the yellow room for sure.

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