I can't sell my house in the winter .......can I?

This is a question I here a lot from my customers. People often mistakenly believe that there home will not sell in the winter because there are no buyers out there. Many people who find themselves in a position to have to place thier home on the market in the winter are pleasantly suprised by the results. It is true that the buyer traffic is slower in most markets in the winter, the fact remains the we sell a lot of homes during the "off season". I advise my winter sellers to consider the fact that in the winter the total listing inventory in our market falls off markedly. This is an important fact that often results fewer homes competing in any given price range, and less competition normally means a higher selling price and  a shorter time on the market. Think about it this way...if people are out in the cold and the snow looking at houses there is a very good chance that they are willing and able buyers. Sometimes it pays to go against the herd and not wait for the spring market.You just might be glad you did!

Have a great winter!







Bill Nicholls

Bill Nicholls

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