SQUEAKS dont sell!

With warm weather finally starting to make an appearance across Canada, the real estate market is ready for an increase in listings. That's because many sellers wait until the warmer weather to prepare their home for sale.

Of course there are many different ways to prepare your home for sale – everything from painting the living room to adding a new bathroom – but there are also many simple, low-cost or even no-cost ways to help your home make a good first impression to buyers.

  • Tighten and oil all hinges. Squeaks suggest old, rusty, worn out to buyers. Sliding doors should slide easily and smoothly, too.
  • Soften the slam. Apply felt or rubber pads to cupboard and interior doors so they sound solid and well-built when the close.
  • Fix the drip. New washers or seals are an inexpensive way to keep the kitchen and bathrooms looking well cared for.
  • Mold is a big topic of concern for many people. Wash any indication of it off bathroom walls.
  • Replace old screening. Screens tend to sag, get torn, and even oxidize over time. Replacing them is easy and screening material is inexpensive.
  • No loose railings. Securely anchor any loose stair railings, both for a good first impression and for your family's safety.
  • Prune the shrubs. Clip off any dead foliage and wandering branches to give greenery a more manicured appearance.

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