Team Canada Olympic Hockey Facts

I thought I would take a short break from talking houses this month for a few interesting Team Canada facts. Go Team Canda. Good luck to all of our atheletes!

With the Olympic Games just days away, Canadian hockey fans across the land are getting ready for another fiercely contested run for the gold medal in ice hockey. With memories of Sid the Kid's overtime thriller at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver still tattooed on our memory, we are hoping for a repeat, of course - a double repeat at that, as both the men's and women's Canadian hockey teams are defending gold at this year's games.

Canada has certainly had its share of success at the Olympics in hockey, but it wasn't always that way. Check out these Canadian Olympic Hockey Facts for a brief history lesson:

  • Canada has won more Olympic hockey gold medals than any other country.
  • Canada won gold medals in men's ice hockey in six of the first seven Olympic Games, and silver the other year when they were beaten by Great Britain.
  • The Winnipeg Falcons won Canada's first gold medal in ice hockey at the Summer Olympics in Belgium in 1920 where ice hockey was included as a demonstration sport.
  • At the 1924 Winter Olympics in France, Canada outscored its opponents 110 to 3 and won all 5 of its games in securing our first gold medal in ice hockey as an official Olympic sport.
  • After winning gold against the United States in 1952, Canada went gold-less for the next 50 years, due at least in part to not being allowed to use ‘professional' players from the NHL.
  • Since 1998, when NHL players were once again included in the games, the Canadian men's team has won 2 more gold medals; in 2002 and 2010.
  • Canada's women's Olympic hockey team has a stellar record of 3 golds and 1 silver in the 4 Olympic Games since women's hockey was included as an official sport in 1998.







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