Get Your Home Ready For Cold Weather

Early fall is an important time for proactive home
maintenance before the cold weather hits and
the snow starts to fly. A bit of careful planning and upkeep will keep
your home warm, dry and functioning its best
during the fall and winter months
Air Conditioner
Power off the air conditioner and cover the unit to avoid any damage
during the fall and winter months.
Have your furnace serviced in the early fall, before turning it on for the
season. Ensure the contractor or service company is properly licensed
and qualified for the work they are performing. Clean or replace the
furnace filters regularly during the months the furnace is running.
Chimney and fireplace
Before cozying up next to a fire, have your fireplace and chimney serviced
to ensure they’re functioning safely.
Doors and windows
Check the seal on all doors and windows for potential drafts, and caulk
if necessary. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to prevent heat escaping
from your home.
Inspect your roof to see if there are any loose or missing shingles. Ice,
snow and sleet can all wreak havoc on your roof, making it important to
make repairs before they lead to leaks.
Outdoor pipes
Drain and shut off all water pipes that lead outdoors to avoid freezing.
Also drain and store any outdoor water hoses.
Eaves troughs
Clear leaves, dirt, and debris from eaves troughs and examine
downspouts for damage or loose pieces.
Prepare for snow
Test your snow blower, pull out your shovel and stock up on road salt,
sand or other deicing products. Be prepared for whatever the winter
may bring
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