7 Steps to Follow When Choosing a Home Inspector?

Every house can be the"perfect" home for you, if you know what you need and how to customise all your needs as not every option you stumble is perfect. Every house has its quirks and positives to make a lucrative decision as a home buyer asking vital questions to a home inspector is crucial.

After you have your requirements in mind the next step is to match the mortgage lenders demands which the home inspector can help you scale. So while choosing a home inspector always look for professionals who not only give you a detailed list of defects within the house but also thoroughly gauge the potential underlying defects with certain parameters like moisture residue to predict leakage.

So before you decide to contract a house inspector for a suitable house in mind follow the below mentioned 7 simple steps and wave goodbye to all the potential costs. As the inspector you decide to hire can foretell and help you avoid any potential investment costs for defects well in advance. You can also negotiate or seldom revalue the cost of the property on the basis of the home inspectors report. Often your research is the key to find the best inspector but after the initial research using google, newspaper advertisements or often word of mouth the following seven vital triggers making the decision process to find the best home  inspection easy and hassle free.

1. Professional : Like every business is accredited for accuracy and the value of the service they offer; home inspectors too are governed by the National Association of Home Inspectors, the American Society of Home Inspectors or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Often there are small associations depending on the state which are considered as alternatives who issue certifications and licenses which are based on the procedures followed by the home inspectors. It is always recommended to choose a home inspection firm that is recognised by the above mentioned organisations however this does not always guarantee expert service.

2. Background : Always remember the best home inspectors have a great deal of experience and understand codes and requirements of building houses. Why is the background of the inspector so crucial? Often if inspectors may tend to skip on the areas they have never had problems with in past however, someone who has dealt with older homes understands from background that there are specific areas which need inspection which if a newbie handled could easily overlook.

3. Experience : There is nothing more important than experience as it solely helps the inspector to perform all the checks. Often all experienced inspectors have worked as construction personnel, repaired homes and have taken specialised training initiatives.  

4.Duration : Generally if a professional person is handling an inspection it should not take more than  two to three hours. However sometimes depending on the size of the house or the condition the duration may vary. All experts will determine the duration only after they view the property so if someone promises it will not take more than an hour you should judge the credibility no further.  

5. Procedure : There is a wide range of tasks that are scaled for accuracy but, often the inspection may reveal unpredicted trouble like a drywall, mold or leaking with traces of moisture. So every individual company has some set norms and protocols to verify all the prevalent underlying problems starting from the roof proceeding to the living room, attic and the basement. Along with structural damages an expert should also be able to predict and foretell any faults in the water heater, furnace and electrical box.

6. Attend : Prospective as well as current homeowners are always welcome to review the home inspection if refused this could be the first sign to indicate that the home inspector is not trustworthy. Always a great home inspector will along with a detailed fault also will give guidelines on the repair procedure and the duration required to fix the problem for good.

7. Reporting : Since there is not much to conclude once the visit is over apart from getting all the facts written on a preset format and signed with a invoice almost all inspectors are ready to provide a report within 24 hours.

Following the above mentioned 7 key steps you will not only find a credible homeowner but also can refrain from making a wrong decision and make a lucrative investment towards a dream home you decide to buy.


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