Exciting Changes in VIVAnext Transit in York Region

For those of you haven’t heard, VIVA Transit in York Region is making changes in the future to better suit residents public transportation needs.

The transit system recognizes that York Region is a growing community, so in anticipation for future growth and to accommodate the increase in neighbourhoods and their residents and enable residents to move more easily to and from their homes, workplaces and shopping . VIVA will be concentrating on four key Regional Centres and Corridors.

  • Newmarket Centre
  • Richmond Hill/Langstaff Centre
  • Vaughn Metropolitan Centre
  • Markham Centre

The plan includes combining urban pedestrian friendly and walkable communities with the construction of new rapid transit lines and stations.

A key goal of the Centre and Corridors plan is to provide travel options, conserve resources and create sustainable communities that make transit services in a close proximity of walking distance to transit lines and stations.

VIVA is planning on providing options and choice to enable York Region’s growing communities to be able to travel more conveniently without relying on a vehicle for transportation. 

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