For Sellers: Easy Kitchen Updates

When it comes to selling your home, chances are your home will be in competition with other sellers. It’s no secret that kitchens sell homes – they are one of the features that buyers judge when comparing properties.  If you have an older, out-dated kitchen, there is no need to despair; you can update your kitchen with a few simple things and, a relatively low budget.


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1. Paint out the cabinets & install new knobs!

If your cabinets are looking tiresome, painting them out a neutral colour (like Cloud White by Benjamin Moore) is a sure-fire way to update them. I recommend taking off a cabinet door and taking it to your local paint store and have them tell you the type of primer and paint that is best suited to your door material. Also, look for some new knobs while you are there, and remember to fill the old holes before you paint the doors.



2. Clean out your cupboards!

Now that your doors are off the cupboards, it is time to purge. Get rid of all the old, expired food and spices, recycle the old plastic containers and donate any old appliances and dishes that you rarely use. Wash out the shelves and restock everything in a neat and orderly fashion. Remember, buyers will look in the cupboards and they are looking to see  an abundance of space.




3. Clean those appliances, sinks & counters!

If you are selling your appliances with the house, now is the time to run the self-cleaning oven, wash out the refrigerator shelves and, run a descaler through the dishwasher. If there are any issues with the appliances and they require maintenance, schedule an appointment with the repair technician.  As well, don’t forget to pull out the fridge and the stove and clean in behind them. Polish the sinks and make sure that the counter-tops are sparkling clean!



4. Change the lightbulbs! Bring out the lights!

Don’t let a burned out bulb give the impression to buyers that you don’t care. Be sure that the appliance bulbs are in good working order too.


The Final Reveal!

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These are a few of the things that you can do to give buyers the impression of a newer kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a new one!

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