As homeowners fight the itch to move, many turn to renovation projects to improve their existing spaces. Often the bathroom tops the list. With its frequent use and endless potential, easy changes offer a big payoff. In spite of its heavy use, bathrooms are often the some of the smallest areas in a home. Cross tight square footage with limited storage and it quickly becomes cluttered and cramped. To maximize storage and make it work best consider these designs and organizational tips.

Install a floating vanity. Its wall mounted installation leaves floor space below open and uninterrupted, which tricks the eye into perceiving more space. They come in a variety of materials and designs that offer plenty of counter space and storage solutions.

Make the mirror work harder. Replace an old bulky medicine cabinet with a smarter option designed with innovative storage.

Use hidden space. If you have a blank wall the space between the studs offers a plethora of potential storage space. You can build shelves directly between the studs.

Revamp the storage drawer. Reorganize the drawers with inserts that transform drawers into organizational powerhouses.


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