Something About Summer

You ever notice how so many people seem to be happier in the summer?   There is the obvious reason -- the sun, vitamin D, etc. --  but if you dig deeper, it feels like people are enjoying life more, trying to accomplish more and spending time with friends and family.

Don't get me wrong; I love winter, I love hockey, I am a winter person.  But this past weekend I was able to enjoy a beautiful Saturday sitting by the pool, bbq'ing, having some drinks with some of my closest friends, and I took a moment just to sit back and say this is what life is really about.

Spending time with your family or your friends, enjoying life, enjoying the weather, enjoying the company you're with, telling funny stories, bringing up old really made me say to myself this is one of the most fun momemts.
It's hard to do that in the winter.  Weather plays a factor, holidays play a factor, work and other commitments; also, it's a lot easier to have a bunch of people sit around a pool versus having a house or a dining room table big enough to house everyone.

My wife and i are expecting our first child, which we could not be more excited about, and we hope to be able to surround them with family and friends and great times like we enjoyed on Saturday, because in life the truly great things are what money can't buy, and money can't buy a beautiful Saturday sitting around with the people you care about most.




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