5 Ways To Decorate Your Home For The Holiday Season

It’s the most merry time of the year is almost! With the holiday season fast approaching to prep your home to welcome guests along with decluttering decorating is also very important to decorate to plunge in the holiday mood. Remember when decorating less is more and keeping it simple can be less stressful too. Five simple tips that can help

Door: To make a great first impression for your guests start with adding the charm to your doorway with lights, garland and hang a wreath from your front door.

Lights: Decorate any sort of hanging, pendant light with garland.A lantern is a very elegant and sophisticated piece of decor that will instantly dress up any room. Add candles or flameless candles to brighten any room.

Centerpieces: A centerpiece is the focal point of your table. It transforms how guests view your dining room and can really get everyone into the Holiday spirit. Adorning your table with a bouquet of red roses mixed in with some garland, berry sprigs, and candles is a great way to bring the season into your home.

Staircases, columns, etc.: Take your love of detail into other parts of your home. Add bows, garland, and string lights to the handrails and columns inside and outside your house. These small decorations will help make your home cozy and give it a very Holiday feel.

The tree: For Christmas it’s all about the tree during the holidays. All families have their own traditions, but you may want to change things up a bit. Add some metallic shimmer, top the tree with bells instead of an angel, and cluster ornaments together. It’ll give a traditional tree a new look.

Don't forget to share the decorating your home for the holidays is a fun family activity. Add some cheer to your home!

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