Amazing Ideas to Transform Stairway Wall

Stairway can be an asset and also the most awkward space in your home. Yet adding a few personal touches to the stairway can; not only narrate the story of your home but also unfold a lot about the property that transformed into a home with the dozens of memories it has in store.

Instead of considering the slope as a challenge when picking your favourite furnishings or the empty wall adjacent which is seems like the bland spot in your house? if you get a little creative and pull out the creative wand and compile a few DIY concepts for these spaces the bland spot in your home can be the new attraction.

Read the simple transformations below that are always sitting at the back of your mind and if amplified in the stairway of your home add a personal touch that spices up your home instantly.


  • Art:  From family personal portraits, vintage fading out group picture frames, abstract wall pieces, watches or wooden mounting areas anything which personifies the space can be artistic for decorating the stairway space. Don’t forget to follow a pattern and ensure there is continuity and a concept that you are depicting could be narrating memories, recipes, hobbies. It could be anything as far as you keep it simple and clean.

  • Paint: Sometimes decorating your stairway can be as simple as adding vibrant colour tones to the wall adjacent to the stairway and the whole space ignites to emit positive energy. Make sure you use contrasting colours and don’t be shy to use dark colours but keep in mind to blend the loud colours with a mat or lighting.

  • Storage: A tall piece is not the best option but converting the steps into a storage space, or adding a door or making pull out cabinets under the stairway is a witty way of optimizing the space. Storage space within the stairway can help hide the extra pair of  footwear.

  • Furniture: It can be anything from a simple backless bench to a trendy small stool even bean bags as them tame the atmosphere do to boost conversations and make an awkward blank canvas space a cozy seating area. Make sure you don’t block the space in any way. Console table is also a great option if you are thinking of finishing the space without filling it up.

  • Wallpaper: Expensive yet the most elegant and quick transformation solution is decorating with wallpaper. If you like taking up DIY projects then can be a less expensive too. Adding a wallpaper not only makes the stairway stand out as the unique element in your home, it also adds the missing glamour quotient. It can be a little tricky in choosing the perfect wallpaper? If you are looking to charm your stairway with uniqueness always opt for hand painted concepts mostly abstract. Why choose abstract wallpaper? This will save you from the continuity dilemma which is painful when decorating with wallpaper.

Don’t fear to get creative considering the stairway spot can be an awkward space to decorate. Sometimes it’s more simply about experimenting to unleash new horizons. Don’t forget to share your ideas and decoration experiences to transform your stairway.

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