REALTOR® ad campaign builds on success
This fall, OREA will be continuing the very successful residential campaign that impresses upon consumers the importance of using a REALTOR®.

The renewed campaign features a new commercial which will begin to air in the third week of September, and which will run through November.

First up for the promotion is an amusing commercial that cleverly features a key value that REALTORS® bring to the table – negotiating skills.

The commercial sees two young couples, probably in their 20s sitting across from one another at a dining room table as they attempt to negotiate a private sale.

The two couples can’t seem to agree on a price, and as a result the process drags on to the point where we actually see the couples age dramatically.

The first couple writes a figure on a piece of paper and slides it across to the second couple, who, since we first saw them, appear to have aged into their 40s.

The second couple, still not agreeing on the price, write down a new offer, and send it back across the table to the first couple, who appear now to be in their 60s. They write a new figure and send it back to the second couple who now look to be in their 80s.

The voice over advises: “REALTORS® know things you might not…like how to close the deal.”

 “REALTORS® know” is the key message that the joint OREA/CREA campaign is trying to get across to potential buyers and sellers and was chosen after research showed that it resonated with consumers and REALTORS® alike. Members, consumers and FSBOs all responded positively to the tagline.

The goal is for the new commercial to build on the success that the campaign has had so far. OREA has been tracking public response to the campaign with surveys every year, and, says OREA President Pauline Aunger, “I can tell you that consumers today have a more positive attitude about the value of a REALTOR® than they did when we began this campaign back in 2007.” 

From 2007 to 2008 more consumers agreed that using the services of a REALTOR®: help avoid hassle and complications (40% from 34%); ensure things go smoothly (36% from 31%), and; helps in getting the best deal possible (29% from 19%.)

Boards will continue to have access to the radio commercials that have been running since the start of the campaign. With their similar message to underscore what a REALTOR® would know that a consumer would not, the many-sided approach to the campaign allows the real estate association and individual boards to promote and reinforce a similar message.

The ad campaign also continues to drive consumers to the Web site, which was updated earlier this year.


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