2013 Barrie Area Real Estate Info of home sales

As one of the Industry Leaders in Barrie & District Real Estate, I would be happy to take the time to answer questions you may have in regards to the most important factors in selling Real Estate.

2012 was another big year in Real Estate sales and while an online evaluation can be approximate in value, there are many factors to be considered when pricing a home. For example two homes can be side by side, yet they sell for different values. Why is that? What is the real value of my home? How can a computerized print out be accurate? You know as well as I do, that you can't always judge a book by it's cover. Every home is different. Just like every person is different. In my opinion, You need an In Home Consultation by a professional to tag the true value of your home. You also need and professional to be by your side from beginning to end. A professional who is interested in your best interests, and who's working for you, as a part of your team.

Feel free to call me for an in person professional opinion on the market value of your home.

I specialize in people, not necessarily price point in Barrie and District Real Estate. I'm also not just a listing agent that puts a sign on your lawn and walks away. In my opinion, Listing agents can't possibly know the reasons why properties sold for what they did, as they were not in them.....I'm a Listing and Buying agent. I've been in alot of the homes sold, and I'm knowledgable about what is on the market, why it sold at the price it did, and what factors may have been in play at the time. I'm interested in the whole market, not just part of it and can offer a long list of references, upon request, not to bore you with the proverbial stories of how great I am. I do believe, however, I am an asset to have on your side while purchasing or selling a home. Together, we are a team. I am sure you will be very happy with having direct access and speaking to me in person during the largest asset exchange you may make.

Barrie Home sales have many key factors, as any industry does. If you would like to chat in regards to when the best time to sell your home is, or what it's highest and best value may be, feel free to call me at 705-321-0365 or email me at christine.woods@century21.ca If I am on the phone, or with a client, please leave a message and I shall return your call as soon as I am able. Take care and have a great day. Christine Woods

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