3 Ways to Spread Kindness and Cheer Barrie

Here are some great ways to spread kindness and cheer throughout our community.  There are always people in need who will appreciate a kind gesture.

1.  Suspended Coffee & Food

Ask the coffee shop if they offer Suspended Coffees.  If they do you can purchase 1 or more to be given to someone in need that day.

This simple gesture can warm up someone's belly and spirits.

Suspended food works the same way.  You can advance purchase a food item and the shop will give it to someone in need.


2. Create a Kindness or Blessing Bag

You've seen people holding signs asking for money for food.  If you don't like shelling out change you can create kindness bag and leave it in the car with you and give it to those in need.

A Kindness bag can hold anything you like:  from apples, granola bars, warm socks, Kleenex, toiletries.  Things that a homeless person will surely need and appreciate.


3.  Volunteer your time

Barrie has many programs that need your help.  Volunteering your time is a great way to show you care!

Here are a list of groups looking for volunteers.

Out of the Cold

Salvation Army Homeless Shelter

Barrie Women & Children's Shelter

Youth Haven

Barrie Christmas Cheer

...and many more


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