5 Marketing Tips for Selling Your Home

This week my blog is about marketing tips for selling your home.  When we list our home we usually want to sell it fast.

We may say things like "We don't have to move right away" or "Let's just see how it goes", but we really do want our house to sell fast!  Perhaps you have to relocate due to work or family, or maybe you found the house of your dreams and proceeded to buy it and now you have to get your property sold!!

Here are some tips I have learned to get that home sold fast...

1. Good Photos

People are on line all the time now, surfing around the internet, especially when they are looking to purchase a new home.  Good pictures will catch the eye of an interested buyer.  

2.  Don't just rely on the web to sell your home

It is a powerful tool when selling and you should have your property on as many web sites as you can, but you still need things like a sign out front, print ads, open houses for both agents and the public.

3.  Keep your home looking good

Part of the marking plan for your place is in your hands.  Keep your grass cut in spring/summer /fall, driveway shoveled in winter and sidewalks clean.  Keeping up the inside is a challenge while you are living in the home also but well worth it when potential buyers come calling.

4.  Market you home offline

A good agent will know where the potential buyers are located who want to  purchase your home.  They will do things like advertise in local Real estate  books or maybe direct mail and feature brochures.  They may market your home outside of community because they know people are moving into this neighborhood from those other outside areas.

5.  Video Tour

This is a fantastic tool to let potential buyers go into your home without being there.  They may see things on the video tour that they would not have noticed in the pictures, the actual room sizes, the great entrance, and the color of the kitchen cupboards to name a few things


I hope these ideas come in handy... don't wait for the home buyers to come find you...go find them!




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