5 Ways To Be a Good Neighbour-- Barrie.

What does it mean to be a good neighbour?  Are you aware of neighbourhood etiquette? 

Here are a few basic rules to ensure you are fulfilling your neighbourly duties.


1.  Noise

Basic noise etiquette includes:  not mowing the lawn before 10 AM on a weekend.  Do not honk constantly in the driveway.

Try to reduce loud outdoor music between 9PM - 9AM.  Don't let your dog bark for extensive periods.  If you live in a condo or apartment, no hammering or unecssarary noises at night.


2.  Borrowing

Neighbourly etiquette is try not to borrow items at all.  If you do, be sure to return/replace promptly.


3.  Friendliness

Always smile and wave.  Don't be a gossip. Teach your children to be respectful and friendly to the neighbours as well.  Introduce yourself when new neighbours move in. 

You can even bring over flowers or baked goods. 


4.  Keep your curb appeal "Appealing"

A manicured yard will be appreciated and help to boost the neighbourhood curb appeal.  Don't be the eyesore house on the block with

weeds and junk piling up.


5.  Be Helpful

Shovel a neighbour's walkway.  Offer to watch over their house when on vacation. 


Other useful links:

City of Barrie By-Laws







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