5 Ways to Make Your Home Greener Barrie


1.  Switch your light bulbs to CFL (compact flourescent light).  They last 75% longer than incandescent.  Note- CFL bulbs need to be recycled properly as they contain traces of mercury. 


2. Upgrade your appliances.  If you are using older appliances they are using up more electricity.  You should switch to Energy Star rated appliances.  They will save you a third of your hydro bill.

Look into getting a government rebate when buying new energy efficient appliances.


3. Stop using plastic bags.  Switch to fabric or paper bags.  The petroleum in the plastic bags do not break down. 


4.  Keep up the recycling.  Continue to reduce your waste.  Use the food bin as much as possible. 


5.  Consider Solar Energy.  Reduce strain on the power grid and save money on your utility bills.


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