6 Step Pre-Winter Checklist

As winter approaches it's a good idea to do a quick pre-winter checklist.  Choose a day that is preferably sunny and warm, however, if you are running out of time any day will do.


1.  Heating

- Check your indoor heating vents to ensure they are clean and free from obstruction

- Test your furnace

- If your furnace is over 15 years old you can consider replacing for a more energy efficient unit.


2.  Fireplace

- If you use a wood burning fireplace you should hire a chimney sweeper to clean

- Always burn dry seasoned wood as it burns cleaner and is safer for your chimney


3. Windows and Doors

- Check seals for air leaks.  Make any repairs

- Make sure windows open and close properly in case of fire


4. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

- If have already done so, test all units.  Replace batteries where needed

- Check expiry dates on carbon monoxide detector and replace where needed

- vacuum out any dust in your detectors as well.


5.  Garage & Vehicles

- If you park in your garage over the winter you may need to re-organize the space.

- If you haven't done so already, store your summer items ie:  lawn mower, rake etc.  And bring out the shovels, snow blower, car scrapers etc.

- It's a  good time to change the wiper fluid in your vehicle to anti-freeze version.

- Also a reminder to change over to winter tires if you have them.

- Ensure your vehicle has an emergency kit.


6.  Rain gutters

- Hopefully by now you have cleaned out your rain gutters.  If not you should do so now. 

- Check your down spout and ensure it is aiming away from the house.

- Check for cracks or leaks in the spout, as well as clogs. 

- While you are up there on the ladder you might consider putting up your Christmas lights as well.


I have a feeling we will be needing the winter gear sooner than later this year! 

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