8 week countdown to listing your home.- week 2

Collect Important Documents


Your home should be all but done.  This week you will be touching up what you have already done and keeping the home in show condition.  

The task for this week is to collect the documents that your REALTOR® will ask for and what your buyers will want.  These documents will help to make the transaction seamless and smooth.   So collect the following and have it in a file.

  • Survey of the property
  • Utility Bills
  • Receipts and transferrable warranties for all improvements made
  • Property tax bill
  • Any certificates (such as a WETT certificate for your wood fireplace or proof that your basement apartment is legal, etc.
  • If you live in a rural setting you will be asked for a septic use permit and results of a recent well water sample.    
  • Any documentation from your municipality or township informing you of upcoming changes in the area.


For your own peace of mind, (and if you haven't already done so), contact your mortgage provider and get it IN WRITING that there are no penalties to be paid out on your mortgage and that you are able to port your mortgage or pay it out depending on your financial situation

Also for your own peace of mind, go to your local land transfer office and do a lien check.  Your Realtor SHOULD do one if you don't.   Human errors do occur and it has happened that a lien is a complete surprise to a home owner and delays the transaction costing both buyer and seller extra money.   Be thorough and be sure!

And now you are ready to call me back in.  Call your REALTOR®  and get the paperwork started. Remember to call two or three REALTORS® in and resist the urge to simply choose the one who gives you the highest list price.   Watch for my BLOG on choosing a REALOR® in the coming weeks.

Have a GREAT week!

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