American Idol's new look

 Well I have to say that when I saw the commercials starting to promote this year’s AI I was not at all interested.  I have been a fan since day one, and through all the ups & downs of contestants getting kicked off to soon, or some not getting the boot soon enough I stuck with it.  This year however was different, new judges, different outlook, and NO Simon:( I was out.....But as January TV has nothing interesting on at this time on the year (note to Fox please bring Glee back sooner) I put the channel on for some noise while I suffered the net in search of something interesting. Then WOW, the first few minutes were great really liked the intro into the new format, judges and record label.  I was very surprised that J Lo had a hard time saying no, Steven Tyler was really funny, Ryan was calm must be the new love life influence, & Randy well he was still the "dog".I also found the choice of only showcasing a few of the really bad tasteful and a fresh approach. Overall I am looking forward to another great season, and hopefully maybe the next Carrie Underwood.  Can you imagine if she was never discovered...Oh my.......

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