Ardagh Bluffs

Ardagh Bluffs

The Ardagh Bluffs are named after, Rev. Samuel B. Ardagh, who lived in this area in the mid 1800's. The park is a true escape back to nature. It is an expansive area, 527 acres and is located 

in the south west part of Barrie. Ardagh Bluffs Park is city owned. Because of its immense size, once you are in it you can forget that you are still within the city limits. It is that huge!

Numerous Trails

There are numerous walking and hiking paths, about 17 km in total. Most of the park is Environmentally Protected or EP for short and has some unique plant species, environmentally protected plants could become hurt or killed if dogs were allowed to run loose so it is advised not to allow your dog off leash. Also, no motorized vehicles are allowed within the park limits.

Living within the park is a resident deer population as well as the numerous unique plant species. It is the head waters of the Bear Creek cold water fisheries. In the north end of the park you can see up into Springwater Township which is a rural community to the north of Barrie with numerous parks and protected lands as well.

Trail Signage

In 2007, the City of Barrie implemented a trail marking system which includes maps that show the four main trials systems in colour code. Numerous secondary and tertiary trails are identified by triangles and circles. These markers are easy to follow and are set out for safety.

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