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October 2011
Harry Magill, Sales Representative
Century 21, B.J. Roth Realty, Brokerage
Are You Ready For Winter?
Your home needs these preparations for Winter done NOW, BUT with this gorgeous weather (Indian Summer), your answer is most likely a "Probably Not".

WHY NOT ?  Not on your "To Do" list......right?  Nope!

Is it going to cost you money...........Probably.........and lots of frustration, time, and working in cold weather, Marc.

Are you going to do something NOW before it costs you $$$........Probably Not.

Why?  "I procrastinate" you say, "So what !!"

My definition of Procrastination is  "The Theft of Time" and no doubt, lots of $$$$

WINDOWS: If you haven't read my article on windows.....Please do!

Replacing windows can be as much as $50.00 a square foot and can total thousands of dollars, and not everyone can spend that kind of money now.  By all means, replace your older windows when time and money permit,but the next best solution is sealing gaps and leaks with caulking.  Get the best  

RUBBERIZED CAULKING available and apply it carefully, making sure there are no gaps or possible leaks between the window and the vinyl or brick. Remember, to first REMOVE all the old caulking and residue before applying the new caulking.  

DOORS:  DO NOT forget to check your exterior doors and walk-outs $20-$30 in caulking may well save you several hundred dollars in heating costs over the winter months.  Check weather stripping for tears or damage and replace if needed.    

I always say, "If you need new windows, do it as time and money permits.

EAVESTROUGHS.....Clean them out, making fure no leaves and twigs have collected.  Debris can block the run-off of water from melting snow.  When that water collects, it can back up under your shingles and freeze.  The resulting "ice dam" can cause serious problems, such as rotten wood, mold, wet insulation, and even wet ceilings and drywall.  Now you are talking thousands of Dollars AND your Insurance Company may not cover the cost !  So check to make sure you have the coverage...........and don't wait until tomorrow!

FURNACES......Call a Professional Technician to make a thorough inspection and ensure that your furnace is clean and in good repair.  Make sure YOU change your filters on a regular schedule......usually every 3 months (more often if you have lots of pets or a dusty hobby like woodworking).   Make a schedule and put it near the furnace so it's easy to see.  It will be your REMINDER.  By changing the filter regularly, it makes for better air flow, which causes less wear and tear on the motor and lowers your heating bills.  It is called "GOOD PREVENTATIVE MAINTAINANCE"

CO 2 DETECTORS.....Check your batteries for your Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors.  Remember, Carbon monoxide gas is colourless, odourless, tasteless, and is highly toxic to humans and animals.

SMOKE DETECTORS.......You are now required by law to have a smoke detector on every level of your home, including the basement.  Ensure you have the proper number, and check those batteries.  They suggest at least once a year or to set an anniversary date to check all detectors in your home. (ie:  before Christmas)

INSURANCE:  Whle you are preparing your home to prevent any damage from winter weather, it's worth calling your insurance agent to make sure you have coverage that unforessen damages can do to your home and possessions.  Check your coverage on water damage, ice storms, falling trees, and the like.

With all these preparations done, your home will be well prepared to meet the challenges winter weather can pose.  Plus, you'll save money on not just your heating bills this winter, but on your home repair bills throughout the years you own your home!. 

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I take great pleasure in writing these articles for your enjoyment and reading pleasure.   I hope you find them most helpful.  If there is some household issue you would enjoy seeing me write about, please drop me an email at and who knows, you may find the answer to your problem in my next issue.  It is my intent to help keep you well informed, therefore keep your home a happy one.  Like they say......"Being forewarned is forearmed".

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