Barrie's 2012 Capital Budget

The City of Barrie has come up with this year’s budget.

     This 2012 capital budget illustrates that Barrie is a vibrant and growing city where not only the necessary services are addressed, but new projects are to be executed creating more jobs. Moving to the City of Barrie has never been easier. After all where else could you find a “vibrant and attractive city with swimmable beaches and challenging ski opportunities on the city’s doorstep and gorgeous golf courses weaved into the home owners’ back yards? Barrie is in an abundance of parkland, totaling over 90 parks, comprising in excess of 300 ha. that are scattered throughout the city.”

      According to Communications Advisor Tanya Thompson from The City of Barrie, Barrie will experience increase in value in the delivered services. These services will include: 5 new police officers, a Fire Station and firefighters to staff it in the Holly area, more roadwork, a branch library in Painswick, and construction will get underway for a new transit garage. “These are services that residents continually tell us that they want addressed, and we are doing that,” says Mayor Jeff Lehman. These services will come to the Barrie residents at a 3% property tax increase. It seems like money well spent.


      The 2012 capital budget outlines that there will be more than $150 million applied to projects within the city of Barrie. The recent home owner survey has revealed that improving road conditions was at the top of the list. This need will be satisfied by the applying $23.7 million towards road projects.

      “The 2012 Business Plan not only addresses the needs of our City today, but it also includes financing strategies that help us responsibly plan for the future. With Council’s endorsement of the 2012 Business Plan, we can focus on delivering programs and services that residents and visitors rely on every day,” says Ed Archer, General Manager of Corporate Services.

      Of the residential property tax bill, 17% is for school boards, 47% funds City services and 36% funds the city’s service partners.

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