Barrie's Historical Landmarks -- Featuring Allandale Train Station

The city of Barrie has always worked hard to maintain our city's historical landmarks.  This week we are featuring the Allandale Train Station.


Allandale Train Station

Located on Bradford Street.  Originally built in 1905 by the Grand Truck Railway.  It has since been beautifully restored.



The original Allandale Train station consisted of a passenger depot, restaurant , and a two story office building.

Back in the early 1900's this train station was a busy hub for rail travel.

In the 1980's passenger travel had greatly declined.  The passenger station and restaurant were then closed.

In 2009 a fire damaged much of the building.  Restoration of the building began after the fire and it was aiming for a completion date in 201, however more money was needed to continue.  The completion date is now estimated for 2017.

The restoration project cost approximately 8 million dollars.  Once completed it will be open to the public.


In 2015 Barrie received the Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Excellence in Conservation.

For more information on Barrie's historic landmarks visit:

Barrie Historical Association




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