Benefits of using a Realtor

There are people out there who are qualified to sell/buy their own homes.  This is a fact and in today's world we do more for ourselves than ever before due to the amount of information that is readily available to us.  We all like to save money and by handling our own real estate property this seems to to be the way to go...or is it...

Let's start with the question of saving money, when selling your own property, buyers may assume that because you are selling privately they can save money and make a lower offer.  If you have priced your property to the current market in your area, buyers may think will not be paying a commission to a brokerage and so the lower offer.  

A realtor will market your home for you by doing such things as bringing in a home stager, professional photos, video tours of your home and property, website for your property and they have access to many other Realtors who may have clients looking for a home just like yours.  
Getting your property out there and noticed by potential buyers.

Realtors have access to the local board  MLS  system and once your property is posted, it gets the word out quick and is a powerful tool!

Do you have the time to show potential buyers around your home? This can be time consuming and you may not always be available so get a  professional involved, this is their full time job.

From that let's go to negotiating an offer.  Realtors have been educated in contracts and negotiations.  These waters can be tricky, an a realtor can speak for you by representing your interests.  They can convey your concerns, if you have any as a buyer, about the property without creating bad blood that could kill the deal.  They will be a champion for your home, as a seller!

A Realtor will make sure the offer to purchase has all the significant clauses.  If for example you omit the financing clause and you need to get approved for a mortgage, the financing does not come through, you can lose your deposit if you can't follow through with the sale.

Realtors are an advocate for their clients,  we have a strict code of ethics, mandatory on going education, and access to the latest market information.

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