Curb Appeal

Curb appeal...we all know when we are selling  a home this is a top priority.  Purchasers will pull up and make a instant judgment like "Do I like the look and can I see myself living here?" " Is this house worth what they are asking for it?"  

Taking the time to create great curb appeal will be worth it to you.

I have a  few ways to dress up your home before you sell, like how about dressing up your front door.  

 The front door is a focal point, so perhaps a blast of colour to make it stand out from the others on the street or new door knobs or knockers, if you don't want to paint it or replace it, what about just cleaning any dirty spots off and adding an attractive wreath.

Another idea is updating the letter box if you have one.  

Depending on the season you can add a quick instant container garden to the front of your home keeping in mind summitry is important for the first look of a potential buyer.

Make sure you keep your lawn mowed and your gardens weeded and neat.  You may even want to replace or renew your front garden plants.  

In winter shovel the snow form the walkways and driveways.

Outdoor art in your front garden, including arbors, birdbaths,wind chimes and outdoor sculptures will boost your curb appeal.

Make sure exterior paint and shutters look good and not have paint flaking off.

What about replacing your gutters and downspouts and perhaps  your walk way or front step need some work.  These are often areas we walk past everyday and get used to their look.

The driveway is another area to take into consideration, repair cracks, holes and stains.  

These are just a few tips, in the future I will have more and if you have any to add please feel free to add in comments!  I am always interested, as are my readers!

Thanks for your time today!


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