DIY Outdoor Movie Theatre in 4 easy steps


Want to create a classic style drive in movie theatre in your backyard?  It's really quite simple.  You will only need 4 items.


1.  A white sheet for your screen

2. A projector

3. Seating

4. Bug Spray


Depending on the type of event you are having you can customize your setting and decor.  Here are a few ideas.


  • Kids Movie Night
  • Seating can be sleeping bags, lawn chairs, bean bag chairs, or create individual cars out of cardboard boxes.


  • Adult Movie Night
  • Seating can be lawn chairs, outdoor sofa, chair cushions, throw cushions.
  • String lanterns and lighting.


Kick up your outdoor movie theatre a notch!  If you really love the outdoor movies, you can buy a few permanent items to enhance your outdoor theatre.


Outdoor Movie Screens

You can buy inflatable outdoor screens from Walmart.

Concession Stand


You can also add:

Heat lamps, bug zappers

Outdoor speakers



I hope you get to try this outdoor theatre idea.  If you have any suggestions or stories you want to share, feel free to comment or share this blog.



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