De-clutter to SELL!!!

As a REALTOR® with years of home staging experience, I cannot tell you enough how important decluttering is. The end goal or result is to move into the next stage of your life as smoothly as possible. I just had some clients look at me (with a little hesitation in their eyes!) when I asked them to pack up almost all the kid's toys, the hubby's movie collection and posters, various knick knacks, a few non-essential pieces of furniture, and 3/4 of the family photos. The place looked a little barren, I'll agree, but there was nothing to distract the prospective buyer's eye from the actual rooms. Less is more. The newly opened space allowed the buyer to envision their own family and furniture into the room. This home received multiple offers the first day of being listed. Although there are other important factors, such as being priced well, location, and local market conditions, having each room show off it's special features, rather than the seller's personal interests and collections is one of the most cost effective staging tips I can offer.

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