Do You Have a Safe Home Barrie? Here are 5 Things You Need

Everyone thinks their home is safe enough, but when an accident or emergency occurs it's often too late.  Have a look at this list of emergency supplies and equipment all homes should have at all times.  Don't second guess on the safety of your home.


1.  Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every floor should have WORKING detectors.  Test them every month.  Replace the batteries IMMEDIATELY, and never unhook your detectors.  Keep a supply of fresh batteries on hand.


2. Fire Extinguisher

Your kitchen should have a visible fire extinguisher that can be used at any moment.  Used for small kitchen fires.  Check your extinguisher to ensure it is in working condition.  Everyone in your home should know how to use one if needed.



3.  First Aid Kit

Your home should have a fully stocked first aid kit in a place where all family members can get to.  In addition to medical supplies you can stock your kit with emergency supplies such as flashlight, extra batteries, candles etc.


4.  Emergency Phone List

Would everyone in your family know who to call in case of an emergency?  If not, an emergency call list should be made and placed by your phone or on your refrigerator.   In addition to 911, you can leave neighbours phone numbers, your work number, and a close family member's phone numbers.


5. Backup Generator

With our cold winter storms, it's a good idea to have some sort of backup generator in case of long power outages.  They are safe and efficient.  Can be useful in the hot summer months as well in case of power outages.


All the emergency items are affordable and can be purchased at several retailers.  If you have questions about home safety you can contact Barrie Fire Department or Barrie Police.

Each fall set a reminder to go through and test all of your emergency products and replace when needed.  Never second guess your safety.  Your family depends on it.

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