Do you have your Barrie City Permits up to date?

Hey Barrie residents, are you up to date with the following City of Barrie permits?

  • Parking Pass ( initiative was set up in 2014)
  • Outdoor Burning Permit ( fire pit, chimmenya etc)
  • Barrie Landfill
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Parking Pass

If you are a Barrie resident you must display your parking pass clearly.  If you don't already have your Barrie parking pass click here.  The pass is free and allows you to park for free in the following areas:

  • Johnson's Beach Lot
  • Marina Lot
  • Minet’s Point Lot
  • North Centennial Lot
  • South Centennial Lot    
  • Southshore Centre Lot
  • Tiffin Boat Launch
  • Tyndale Park Lot
  • Lakeshore Drive between Simcoe St. & Minet’s Point Rd.

* Note, non residents will be charged $3 per hour to a max of $15 per day.


Outdoor Burning Permit

As of May 2015, a new outdoor burning permit is required per calendar year.  The permit costs $22 and can be obtained at the Barrie Fire & Emergency Services Headquarters, 155 Dunlop Street West (Monday to Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm).

For more information visit:


Barrie Landfill

Effective May 2015, Barrie residence will be allowed to drop off a maximum of (2) clear bags of diapers per week at no charge.  Must show proof of residency. 

For up to date rates and allowances at the Barrie Landfill site visit:


Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Effective Oct 2014 Ontario Fire Code has officially been amended to protect every Ontario home from carbon monoxide.  Regardless of how you heat your home you must now have at least one working carbon monoxide alarm installed.   Failure to do this will result in fines.

Be sure to check your alarm expiry date, test your batteries annually, and ensure your carbon monoxide alarm has been built before 2008.

For more info about fire and carbon monoxide safety visit


If you have any questions about Barrie permits feel free to visit the City of Barrie website or contact me, I'll be happy to help.  Feel free to share this blog or give us feedback. 

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