Energy saving and January tips for Home owners

Half of your heat loss (or gain) happens through your windows. A simple thermal curtain (about $20) can block a quarter of the sun’s heat in summer and stop heat loss in winter. Save on power bills by closing your windows and curtains between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. in the summer and then reverse the schedule for winter. It’s easy to convert regular curtains by buying thermal backing and then sewing or gluing it on. 


Even in January’s frosty weather, your new home has a few maintenance needs.


 Organize holiday lights and decorations in labeled bins so they’re easy to find next year.


 Check your attic for signs of wasp nests and other pests. Better to deal with them now, while they are dormant.


 Change your furnace filter monthly during winter to help your furnace run efficiently.


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