Ever since I became a Realtor there has always be FSBO’s or also know as For Sale By Owner.  Now don’t get me wrong I am sure there are people out there that are more than capable of selling their own home and I am sure that they are more than likely also the first ones to pick up the phone to call a Realtor.   Think about it do you see Lawyers, Doctors, Judges, or even Car salesmen selling their own homes.  No, and why is that even though they are likely more than capable, university educated and quite good at the art of negotiating.  They don’t sell their own homes because they know that is not their area of expertise.  I don’t go into a court room and represent myself, nor do I say that pain in my back is a slipped disc I am not a doctor how do I know how self diagnose????        

My point here is that I have never said anything about FSBO I have never even made a comment on all the Yahoo, Magazine articles, or even the very incorrect CBC Marketplace show that was aired my very first year on selling your home your self.  But that all changed today.

Recently I purchased a home that was listed with my home office Century 21 B.J Roth in Barrie and it had also been posted on Propertyguys.  Now I didn’t find it on the FSBO site, I didn’t call the owner personally, I didn’t even have any contact with the home owner.  So I find it VERY puzzling to see a new Property Guys sign on the front yard with a BIG SOLD sign on it.  They didn’t sell it, the home; yard & area sold the property.  They didn’t process any paperwork, meet with clients at all hours for signatures and endure 2 yrs of schooling the Selling agent and myself the Buying agent did.

There is so much out there how we all make 5-6% commission, we make loads of money, so on and so on.  The truth is WE DON’T.  When I tell some of my friends what one little ad costs each week their jaws drop then add in virtual tours, staging, more marketing, costs of open houses, cost of tools & products to sell your home.  Do I come into a doctors office and negotiate my price for my physical exam, do you tell your lawyer I can’t pay you 200.00 per hr.  No never, so why after we have graduated schooling that was paid for by us not OSAP, have expenses like everyone else and are doing our best job to help you the homeowner.  So at the end of the day why do some think that they can put a sold sign up on a home that they didn’t sell the Realtor did. 

I am sure this won’t be the end to my frustration to FSBO this time it was personal as I am the Buying agent and the home owner.  But if maybe I can get one person to see that Realtors aren’t bad we are educated, trained, and interested in protecting you from everything that can pop up in a day to day process of selling your home. 

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