Fall means a bit of work!

 Well the weather has stayed mild so far this November.Cleaned about 4 years of muck and leaves from the eavetroughs...It really makes a big differance for the health of your roof and facia if you do this annually.My current location had not enjoyed much maintenance in last couple of years and  now am working to bring it up to date.If you are not comfortable on a high ladder it's worth it to hire someone.Your house will thank you ! With the high cost of heating and energy any cracks or draft areas should be attended to.I bought some insulated curtains to cover the windows that face to windward[I live on the edge of Georgian Bay] and don't enjoy much Sun...they really make  the main rooms warmer and were not expensive .If you have wood heating appliances or fireplaces make sure the chimineys are clean and in good repair..Everyone likes to decorate the hearth area especially with the Christmas season coming but keep in mind that many of these decorations can burn or melt so keep this area clean and neat...do you have a fire extinguisher? is it close by? have you ever practised  to know how to use one? they don't hold much and you only have seconds to get that fire out before it gets out of hand...so know how to use one beforehand !! Have been involved in two boat fires and have a great respect for what fire extinguishers can and what they"can't do" .Insurance companies really seem to frown on wood heating  in your home, so make sure your systems are safe. Well have to run...it's time to tackle the oak leaves...ohboy! are there lots of trees at my place!  Enjoy the fall.....Steve


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