Get the new garden winter ready!

Just moved into your new home.

Leaves are falling and, while the days are glorious, the nights are frosty. Time to winterize your new garden!

Plant tulips and other bulbs before the ground freezes – first ask neighbours if they know where any spring bulbs might already be located. Plant bulbs in holes about three times their height with the pointed part facing up. Once covered with soil, give the bulb planting area a good watering. Weighted chicken wire offers protection from squirrels but must be removed before the bulbs sprout in the spring.

Evergreens provide winter colour and they shelter birds. Water them well during the autumn to prevent winter burn from moisture loss. Once the temperature regularly falls below zero, wrap them loosely in burlap to prevent winter burn.

Look after your lawn by raking up any fallen leaves and debris (left on, it can cause bare patches). It’s getting late, but there is still time to reseed weak patches of your lawn.The year’s final mowing should be very close to the ground.

Tip: leave ornamental grasses and any hard-stemmed perennials standing to add some visual interest to the winter garden.

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