Heating Issues....

Hi All:

Many of you may not know that I, Jamie Dann, am currently in the process of moving. As it has been several years since I have moved residences, I am very much in the same process as many of you.

Given that soon we will all be turning on our furnaces, I was doing some research to post about furnace maintenance. In that research, I came across the Enbridge website and learned it actually has a wealth of information.

To view the website please go to http://www.enbridgegas.com

What I specifically found interesting was under in the tab “Manage Your Energy Use” - here you will find info on how we can be more efficient with our energy use, as well as rebates and incentive programs.  Also, check out the conversion calculator, especially if you currently have electric heat and are wondering if switching over to gas may be more cost effective.  This info is under the tab "Stop, Start or Move Service."

The site also gives information about the basics regarding stopping and starting services, billing and more.

This is certainly a website that is worthwhile to check out and may end up saving you some money down the road.

Hope that you found this article to be informative and helpful.
Until next time!

The Jamie Dann Team

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