Help for couples dealing with seperation!

A  new  option to help assist couples when dealing with marital separations & needing to pullout additional equity from the matrimonial home in order to one party to remain.

At present lenders can not refinance a home to pullout equity for more than 80% of the value of the home.  

However,  in recent months, some lenders and the insurers (CMHC & Genworth) are considering  (on a case-by-case basis) that allowing a homeowner to redo their mortgage to 95% (as in a PURCHASE transaction from one spouse to the other) would enable homeowners going through a marital split (with a bone fide separation agreement already processed) the option of holding onto the matrimonial home (for one spouse) while using the equity to buyout the other. 

You may have clients, associates, friends or even family that have expressed their concern with losing their matrimonial home due to their marital split & not being able to afford buying out the other party due to limitations on the refinance ruling of maximum 80% loan-to-value,  currently.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information &/or have your clients contact me for assistance.


I am here to help!!


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